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You can count on our vast industries domains expertise and indepth technologies knowledge.

With over 50 major core enterprise solutions developed, delivered and deployed, we are the technology company that established SMEs and MNCs have come to trust on. Thousands of system users and their managers are working more efficiently with our unique software application solution tailored to suit their work processes.


Products and Solutions
that we have coped/tailored/implemented/deployed over these years

NETStation™ – Open Platform Network Video Surveillance System
NETHybrid™ – Open Platform Hybrid Video Surveillance System
CMS Professional™ – Advanced Powerful Remote Client Software
CMS mobile™ – Video Client Software for Mobile Devices
NVR Express™ – Complete Video Server Solution Provider
OurOfficePortal™ - FREE web-apps with calendaring tool, online document storage, knowledge management, mini HRM and a simple CRM all in one web-portal
OwnAShop™ - FREE Social eCommerce networking website for blogshops and home users, setup your very own virtual shop
MOSS™ - Enterprise Ecommerce System and Back Office Solution
oPOS™ - Advanced Ecommerce System with Back Office System
mPOS™ - Integrated Ecommerce System with Centralized Back Office System
CERTS™ - Web-based Registry Tracking Self-help Kiosk System
DATS™ - Advanced Direct Assets Tracking System
CrewPay™ - Advanced Agent Self-Service Portal for Cash Collection and Submission
AT-DNA™ - Enterprise Product DNA Development Cycle Management System
AT-CRM™ - Enterprise Channel Partners Relationship Management System
MOIST™ and INSIST™ - Call Centre Enquiry Tracking and Management System
AT-eDM™ - Advanced electronic Direct eMailer System
AT-RSVP™ - Advanced eDM-based RSVP System
AT-eLeave™ - Advanced ESS Leave Management System
AT-eClaims™ - Advanced ESS Claims Submission and Tracking System
AT-AVL™ - Advanced Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Tracking System
AT-DIAS™ - Advanced Delivery Information Acquisition System
AT-RTS™ - Advanced Recruitment/Resume Tracking System with Integrated Job Portal Website
AT-WRMS™ - Advanced Workshop Repairs and Management System
AT-WAMs™ - Advanced Workflows and Approvals Management System
AT-BPS™ - Enterprise Bids and Proposals System for Projects’ Information Management
DS-DTS™ - Various special tailored Data Transformation Services modules and wizards (WinApp/WebService)
DS-CMPS™ - Advanced Content Management Portal System
HAMS™ - Hardware Asset Management System
SCRTS™ - Service Call Report and Tracking System
VRMS™ - Vendors Relationship Management System
PLS™ - Products Library System
ccCBS™ - Enterprise Centralized Booking System Suite and Back Office Solution
ccCRM™ - Enterprise Call Centre CRM with Integrated Back Office Solution
UG-MOBILE™ - Enterprise Hybrid Online/Offline Metering Registry and real-time mobile POS
CPS™ - Customer Profile System
DFC-CBMS™ - Enterprise Centralized Booking and Monitoring Suite Solution
iCAS™ - Inventory Control and Accounting System
SIPIS™ - Production Information/Orders/Inventory Management System
EXPONENTIAL™ - Special Portable wireless Exhibition Sales and Promotions PDA, OMR Registration for Redemption, Warranty and Trade-in, Exhibition Sales Monitoring and Information System Suites
eWCS™ - Enterprise Web Portal System with Products/Support CMS, Partners Microsite, Warranty Registration and Back Office Suites
RMAs™ - Enterprise Online RMA Ticket/Processing/Inventory System
eWORM™ - Enterprise Work Orders/Repair Management Portal System (3-tier B2B)
TCIS™ - Enterprise Integrated Information System covering Fleet Operations, Administration and HR, Inventory and Workshop Ops, Booking and Dispatching CRM with Fleet Tracking and Multi-integrations
TC-iBDS™ - Comprehensive Vehicle Booking and GPRS Dispatching Management Solution
AMOS™ - Agent Management and Operation Back Office Suites include Commission Tracking
HD-CRM™ - Advanced Customer Helpdesk OnDemand Call Management and Dispatch System
RECRUIT2™ - Enterprise Recruitment Portal System supporting 3 tier-users
WebSALES™ - Advanced mini-ERP System Suite supporting Customers, CustQuote, CustPO, CustPerforma, CustInvoice, Suppliers, SupQuote, PackList, Reports and CostAnalysis
BARLoyal™ - Advanced Loyalty Program and Membership Management System
aSMS™ - Enterprise Emergency SMS Management System
ePAL™ - Enterprise Maritime Information Web Service
WOOFs™ - Enterprise B2B Web Online Ordering and Fulfillment Back Office Suites