Over 60,000 installations worldwide, this is the CCTV/NVR Solution for you!

Doric Solutions LLP is proud to be the appointed Singapore Distributor for Alnet Systems Inc. brand of professional CCTV/NVR products.

Alnet - The Perfect Visual Surveillance Solution
Enterprise Professional CCTV/NVR Solution designed for business/residential who demands more than just conventional CCTV/DVR solution

About Alnet
Alnet Systems Inc. manufactures advanced digital recording and transmission systems for video analogue and network IP-based cameras. These professional PC based systems are widely used in professional CCTV installations and over 60,000 installations have been setup worldwide.

Products Range
NETStation™ – Open Platform Network Video Surveillance System
NETHybrid™ – Open Platform Hybrid Video Surveillance System
CMS Professional™ – Advanced Powerful Remote Client Software
CMS mobile™ – Video Client Software for Mobile Devices

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Advanced Technology (In a nutshell)
Up to 64 IP cameras and 64 audio channels - All in one NetStation license
Go Mobile - The most advanced video client application for mobiles phones/PDA smartphones
Robust Software - Professional video client software for Windows OS
Go beyond the barrier - Unlimited number of remote client connections
Camera Supported - for all major IP cameras manufacturers and MegaPixel IP Cameras
Most Advanced Video Client Applications - Remote viewing and managing tool for Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian...

*** For reseller enquiry, please contact nvrexpress@doric.com.sg for more info. ***

NVR Express™ - The Professionals in Visual Surveillance
The very people who knows what is the best and how to create the value-for-money CCTV/NVR Solution for your needs!

NVR Express™ is
The specialist division of Doric Solutions LLP, focusing on CCTV Security, Visual Surveillance Management and Solution Implementation for business and residential solutions. Run by a team of industry professionals with more than 12 years of CCTV experiences backed by 30 years of I.T. domain knowledge employs the following principles: -
• Professional Advisory with Systematic Analysis
• Solution Driven Approach with Proven Methodology
• System Simplification with Scalability and Reliability

NVR Express™ provide
NVReServer™ - Range of Specially Tailored Premium Servers with Alnet products
Consultation on - CCTV Cameras, Peripherals, Project Requirements Analysis, Implementation and Commissioning
Alliances - Manages the resellers and Alnet Systems Inc. range of product demostration kits
Professional - After Sales Support and Services

*** For reseller enquiry, please contact nvrexpress@doric.com.sg for more info. ***