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We are the Total Technology Solution Provider

Who Are We?
The single most frequently asked question and yet toughest question to answer...

Doric Solutions LLP is the leading provider of integrated enterprise IT solutions globally. With a track record of success on developed proven solutions since 1999, we are the technology company that established SMEs and MNCs have come to trust.

Over the years, we have developed a tremendous amount of industry expertise; evolving from dynamic application development, unbiased I.T. consultation, specialized in outsource I.T. support, delivering networking and infrastructure solutions, expert in enterprise I.T. solutions and into I.T. products development and distribution.

By growth and success, we developed over 50 major core systems solutions; deployed and administer hundreds of servers; take care over thousands of computer systems with our support services; we have empowered many successful businesses with our unique business methodology.

It has been a journey characterized by passion and professionalism; we have transformed our people, processes and products to adapt to evolving technologies and a changing business landscape.

Doric Solutions - Technology for Business People™.

The Team
Without the right attitude, passion and good common senses from it's people, Doric Solutions LLP would not gone this far.

Lester - Chief Consultant/Founder
The main architect and driving force behind the Company's expansion and growth. Lester is a self-taught veteran with more than 25 years of distinguished achievements and experiences in I.T. industry. His burning passion for technologies, rational attitude in adopting technology in business processes the “common sense” ways attributed to the many successful implementation of proven solutions for clients all these years.

Carin - Co-Founder
More than just an accounting professional and a business associate. Carin's sounding logics, calm intellectual and excellent interpersonal skills not only ensure the Company is on the right financial track, but also oversees overall finance strategies and policies while moving the Company to greater heights.

Derek - Chief System Analyst
Derek, a veteran developer over 15 years of broad-based experiences, is the expert in defining the overall IT architecture and development, to ensuring projects infrastructure and application systems are operating/performing to professional standards and meeting above client’s expectations. Derek’s unparalleled deliveries have never fail to impress, and won countless praises from clients.

Steven - Director, Business Development
An autodidact since early 1980, from digital electronic hobbies to personal computer application development design and programming, process control and interfacing, system networking integration and CCTV implementation, Steven has over 31 years of experience in providing best valued, versatile and innovative I.T. solutions.

Wei Ren - Software Engineer
Having great interests in Information technology, whether it is software or hardware, Wei Ren has his hands all over the latest technologies and gadgets passionately. A freshman with over 5 years of I.T. background, he joined Doric in 2010 and is gaining valuable experiences while working at Doric.

Alan - Executive, Business Development
Driven with passion in bringing the best to you! With over 5 years of telemarketing and customer-service experiences, Alan will be opening new possibilties with you and your business. If you hear from Alan, don't be surprise! He's just doing what he does best.